Last Updated: Monday, 21 October 2013

Prepare your home & garden this bush fire season– Helpful tips from Husqvarna Group Australia.

Living in a rural area offers a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment, but this carries with it real obligations to ensure homeowners maintain a safe environment – and with the bush on the door steps of our major cities and towns, these obligations are virtually universal.

It’s important to maintain our properties to ensure maximum fire safety and to minimise flame exposure to the home. With this in mind, Husqvarna Group Australia recommends the following tips to help reduce the threat of bushfire affecting your home this summer:

1. Be aware of the types of trees and foliage around the house and the property in general. The minimum recommendation by the New South Wales Rural Fire Service for the inner protection zone is 20 metres.

2. Trim trees to just above gutter height or at least three metres – ideally no trees should be within five metres of the house.

3. Keep lawns short and gardens well maintained.

4. Clean leaves from gutters, roofs and down pipes regularly to reduce pile up.

5. Disposal of garden waste is important and chipping dead branches and leaves is an ideal method as it provides mulch for future use on garden beds.

6. Make sure wood piles and wood chips are stored well away from the house.

7. Plant trees and shrubs with low oil content as they are less likely to ignite.

8. Ensure garden hoses are long enough to reach around the perimeter of the house. 

Last but certainly not least, keep the emergency 000 number and the number of your local RFS or fire brigade near the phone.

Tools for the job

Preparing your home for the bushfire season requires a lot of spring cleaning in the yard. As the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products, Husqvarna Group has the right tool for the job at hand.

McCulloch GBV345 blower-vac: For cleaning up leaves and grass clippings. It features a 16:1 mulching function and comes complete with a vacuum kit. 

McCulloch Multi Trimmers: As a trimmer, they are light weight and productive, but it is the range of optional accessories that make them the ideal clean up tool. The optional attachments include a pole saw, hedge trimmer, a lawn edger and a tiller – everything you need to prepare your home with just one power-head! 

McCulloch Mowers: A great range of lawn mowers and tractors on offer to suit any lawn condition. Grass should be kept short and a mulching mower will ensure grass is cut often, but that the nutrients are returned to the soil, improving lawn condition. 

GARDENA Hoses and Fittings: Designed with thick walls and high-quality reinforcements, GARDENA hoses and fittings can support extraordinarily high water pressure, are 100% leak proof, kink-resistant and UV stabilized for long life in Australian conditions – making GARDENA the complete system solution.


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