• McCulloch Robotic Lawn Mowers

    McCulloch Robotic Lawn Mowers

    Let ROB get the job done, while you enjoy spending time with your friends around the BBQ. A McCulloch robot lawn mower cuts the lawn for you so you don't have to.

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    • Caractéristiques & avantages

      ROB is the unsung hero. He gets the job done - while you enjoy having fun with friends.

      • Easy installation

        Easy installation

        Designed for easy self installation - a boundary wire defines the area for every garden type.

      • Security PIN

        Security PIN

        Alarmed for added security.

      • Cuts slopes

        Cuts slopes

        Up to 25% gradient.

      • Covers all garden shapes

        Covers all garden shapes

        It works by mowing in a random pattern, whatever the garden shape so that all parts are covered.

      • ROB Knows Who's Boss

        ROB Knows Who's Boss

        Tell Rob when to mow, day or night, rain or shine, up to 24/7 and he never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge.

    • Quick & easy to install

      A McCulloch robotic lawn mower is easy to install. Simply lay a boundary wire and ROB will happily work within the perimeter cutting your grass quietly - day or night, rain or shine.

    McCULLOCH Robot Lawn Mowers

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    Working area capacity

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    Robotic Lawn Mowers

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    ROB R600

    600 m² +/-20% Li-ion

    Robotic Lawn Mowers

    • ROB R600

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      • Caractéristiques
      • Working area capacity
    • Cutting little and often for a greener lawn

      By cutting the grass little and often, the grass clippings are so small that they break down and add nutrients back into the soil, helping to create a thicker greener lawn.

    • Maintaining your robotic mower

      Maintaining your robot mower is easy. The McCulloch robotic lawn mowers have a range of accessories to ensure that it keeps working for years to come.