• CHO034

    CHO034 - 0.325" Micro Chisel

    • Lightweight for use with saws from 35-55cc • Small radius working corners for fast cutting and easy sharpening • Witness mark for visual sharpening guide • To sharpen use 4.8mm file kit - FLO019

    Fits: McCulloch and most leading brands (See Xref for models)


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Toote variandid

X-refTootekoodJuhtplaadi pikkusKetisammSaeteeVeolülidMaster packaging quantityLisainfo
CHO03357761513333 cm.325"1,3 mm565577615133
CHO03457761513438 cm.325"1,3 mm645577615134
CHO03557761513540 cm.325"1,3 mm645577615135
CHO03657761513640 cm.325"1,3 mm665577615136
CHO03757761513745 cm.325"1,3 mm725577615137
CHO04157761514133 cm.325"1,3 mm565577615141
CHO04257761514235 cm.325"1,3 mm565577615142
CHO04557761514538 cm.325"1,3 mm645577615145
CHO04657761514640 cm.325"1,3 mm645577615146
CHO04857761514840 cm.325"1,3 mm665577615148
CHO04957761514940 cm.325"1,3 mm675577615149
CHO05057761515045 cm.325"1,3 mm725577615150
CHO05157761515150 cm.325"1,3 mm785577615151
CHO05257761515233 cm.325"1,5 mm565577615152
CHO05357761515338 cm.325"1,5 mm645577615153
CHO05457761515445 cm.325"1,5 mm725577615154