• Hot mowing

    Hot mowing

    To match its powerful inside, we wanted a striking design for the new McCulloch front mower. For inspiration we turned to hot rods and strong, aggressive-looking cars, which seemed to match our vision perfectly.

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    • Features & benefits

      The new McCulloch front mower is a powerful yet very comfortable driving experience.

      • Eesasetsev lõikeorgan

        Eesasetsev lõikeorgan

        Eesasetsev lõikeorgan tagab tööalast suurepärase ülevaate ning võimaldab teil niita ka puude, põõsaste ja teiste esemete lähedalt.

      • Hea ülevaade niitmisalast

        Hea ülevaade niitmisalast

        Taga asetsev mootor tagab juhile parema nähtavuse ja kontrolli.

      • Esirattavedu


        Esirattavedu tagab hea veojõu.

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    • Design on the front lines

      Learn more about the design and the innovative technology behind the new McCulloch front mower.

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    • Drag racing in the garden

      The design of the front mower has borrowed some key features of a typical hot rod. The aerodynamic shape and the stripped-down design are the most visible examples.

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    • Take a closer look

      Experience all the functions and benefits of the front mower here.

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