• HDO001

    HDO001 - Trimmer Head - P25

    High quality UNIVERSAL 2 line trimmer head, spool, 2.0mm x 4m line and adaptor kit to fit most lightweight petrol grass trimmers. Designed for McCulloch but fits most popular brands, check our online Xref guide on the homepage to find your model. Replacement Spool and Line SPO001 also available.


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X-refNúmero de articuloLonguitud del cableDiámetro del cableNúmero de cablesCantidad de paquete originalAncho de corteDiámetro del eje recortabordesMás información
HDO0015776159014 m2 mm21577615901
HDO0025776159025 m3 mm21577615902
HDO0045776159046 m2.5 mm225 cm25 mm577615904