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    With superior manoeuvrability, strong engines and lots of time-saving features, McCulloch tractors make your garden work an enjoyable ride. The powers inside are also matched by an equally powerful design, enough to make any neighbour jealous.

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  • Champion of the green race track

    Champion of the green race track

    The powerful engine and excellent manoeuvrability will probably make your lawn mowing seem like a fast race. The experience is heightened by the fast design and features, including a racing steering wheel.

    • Features and benefits

      McCulloch tractors all have the power to get it done - and a lot of helpful features.

    • We pushed the design to the front

      The new, attractive design of our tractors is probably best exemplified by the front, with its aggressive yellow grille inspired by sports cars.

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      With accessories you can use your McCulloch products to get more things done. And with our protective equipment, you’ll look great doing them.

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