Last Updated: 28 May 2012

A new dawn for McCulloch garden products – and it all looks black

After a few decades in the business, we at McCulloch made a bold decision: we wanted to make garden products that actually looked good. In the new range of McCulloch products, the power inside is matched by an equally powerful design.

A new garden product’s life begins in the offices of the McCulloch product team. For them, focus is strictly on performance and features – and it’s their firm belief that garden work can always be done a little easier and faster.

New materials are constantly tried out and tested for better durability and function, along with new technology to get the most of out of the engines – and the product team is always on the lookout for more time-saving features.

Constantly moving forward

Then comes the challenge of creating an equally powerful design. Jens Näslund is the Brand Design Manager at McCulloch’s design centre in Stockholm. Jens explains how the new McCulloch design came into being, and there’s no mistaking that he has found it an exciting project so far:

“When we were asked to create a whole new design concept, we wanted to do something really cool and attractive. We felt that McCulloch products should have an unconventional and powerful look to go along with power inside.”

Jens and the design team arrived at a design where the shapes became very muscular and organic, and each line was drawn to make it look like the products were constantly moving forward.

And then it all started to look black

In the new McCulloch design concept, combinations of different black surfaces are used to great effect. There’s a logic behind this too. As the shapes have a sculptured feeling, the design team wanted to heighten this effect. Where a shiny surface is – theoretically – carved off, there’s a matt surface underneath, and vice versa.

The combination of different black surfaces added another dimension, as did the clever use of yellow, a McCulloch trademark since decades. Jens explains:

“Imagine you paint a mango black and then carve out slices to make its inside show. That’s the thought behind the yellow elements. We decided that the yellow colour should be used near the engine and at other places where the power originates. That way, it almost looks like the power inside is about to burst out.”

Coming to your local DIY store in 2012

The first range of McCulloch garden products created along the new design lines will be launched in the spring of 2012. The products will be available at retail chains and DIY stores all around the world.

“These garden products will get the job done, which will be both felt – and seen – instantly. Chances are that you’ll even leave your McCulloch out just to show off,” says Towe Ressman, Head of Design at the Husqvarna Group.

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