Last Updated: 07 July 2014

Cross mowers: Compact, convenient, comfortable

Are you thinking about getting a new lawn mower – or perhaps trade up to a garden tractor? With a McCulloch cross mower, you can actually get the benefits of both alternatives in one efficient ride-on mower.

McCulloch cross mowers are hybrids, where we have combined the handy size and simplicity of a lawn mower with the driving comfort and power of a garden tractor. With its compact size and powerful engine, the cross mower easily manages both narrow and open spaces, with perfect overview of the mowing area. The convenient size also makes it one of the easiest ride-on mowers to store.

The electric start, the padded steering wheel, and the easily accessible controls make the experience even nicer. No, we don’t like to admit it – but sometimes it’s fun to mow the lawn.

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