Last Updated: 30 October 2012

Cutting 6.5 m3 of firewood in one go with a McCulloch chainsaw

Powerful chainsaws have been the pride of McCulloch since the 1940s, but what about today’s models? Well, we put up quite a challenge for a new McCulloch saw in the form of 6.5 m3 of firewood in need of efficient cutting.

Cutting such a large amount of wood is of course a serious test of the chainsaw’s engine, sword, chain and many other features. Of equal importance is its ergonomics, weight and easy-access controls, as the user should be able to do the work without getting harmed or weary.

Cutting the firewood took three and a half hours, and as the test user finally put the saw down, it was clear that the new chainsaws grandly live up to the high expectations and the promise of “the power to get it done.”

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Place: +57° 49' 52.83", +14° 2' 59.42"
Material: App. 6,5 m3 of logs for firewood – birch, pine, some aspen

Products and fuel:
Chainsaw: CS 450 Elite right out of box, serial no. s/n 2011 2100003
Fuel: Aspen 2 Oktan 95 RON or 92 RON for two-stroke engines
Refueled: 6 times (0.46 liters)
Fuel used: App. 3.2 liters

Camera 1, above shots:
Crane: Denka Junior JR12, platform height 10 meters
Camera: Canon EOS 550D with a Canon 10–22 mm lens – 10 mm used
Number of shots: 1891 (trigged by intervallometer)

Camera 2, slide shots:
Dolly: Motorized dolly on aluminium ladder (3 meters/hour)
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark2 with a Canon 16–35 f2,8 lens, various mm used
Number of shots: 1782 pictures shot (trigged by intervallometer)

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