Last Updated: 07 July 2014

CVT transmission: Making lawn mowing a smooth ride

Three letters are now completely changing the driving experience you get from a McCulloch garden tractor – the letters C, V, T. CVT is a transmission technique which provides a much smoother feeling when you increase the speed. It is also a way to get more power out of the engine while reducing the fuel consumption at the same time.

But what is it exactly that gives you that sense of smoothness and comfort? Well, the CVT technique uses a transmission belt, or drive train, instead of gearwheels. The speed therefore increases gradually when you press the gas pedal.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the drive train McCulloch has been able to reduce the fuel consumption and allow more engine-power to be used for grass-cutting. The CVT transmission also provides a higher torque, which makes it easier to handle sloping gardens.

CVT transmission is yet another powerful McCulloch feature that will help you get the job done – smoothly.

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