Last Updated: 04 October 2012

Designed for action: Four new McCulloch chainsaws

With an impressive range of four new chainsaws, McCulloch proudly continues the tradition of power driven products for every kind of garden task where extra high performance is needed. These new chainsaws are also perfect examples of our product thinking, where a powerful interior meets an equally powerful exterior.

“Several great features have been packed into the chainsaw series to make the machines extra easy and comfortable to use,” says Niklas Bergquist, Global Product Manager at McCulloch. “For instance, all models come with both a primer and McCulloch’s Soft Start function. That means 40 % less pulling force to get started. In addition, to increase comfort and minimize fatigue, handles have been ergonomically shaped, well-balanced and isolated by an efficient anti-vibration system.”

The chainsaw range, named CS 340, CS 380, CS 410 Elite and CS 450 Elite, also share helpful features such as the integrated combi-tool, fuel window, and helpful felling sights. With the two extra muscular Elite models you can be sure to handle even the toughest of challenges.

Eye-catching design

All four chainsaws are equipped with the OxyPower technology, getting as much power as possible out of the motor and fuel.

The new chainsaws will stand out for another reason as well – their eye-catching McCulloch design, with dominant black surfaces matched by fiery yellow accents.

In other words, the new McCulloch chainsaws are thoroughly designed for action – and no one will have any excuses for not getting the job done.

The new McCulloch chainsaws are available at your local DIY store.

The new McCulloch chainsaws:
» Powerful engines, ranging from 1,3 kW to 2,0 kW
» OxyPower technology, reducing fuel consumption and emissions
» Cool and attractive McCulloch design
» Soft Start and primer for instant action
» Comfortable with soft grip handle and anti-vibration system
» Double-acting chain brake
» Easy maintenance with the all-in-one multi tool

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