Last Updated: 05 October 2012

First get your chainsaw in shape, then your garden

Summer’s drawing to a close and maybe it’s time to take care of a few gardening tasks before it gets too cold, like pruning an overgrown tree or fixing a nice little supply of firewood. If your chainsaw needs some looking after, here’s a few tips to get you up and running again.

The chainsaw’s engine won’t start, what do I do?

Usually when the engine won’t start, the problem is in the fuel supply or the spark plug. Check that the plug lead is making good contact with the spark plug. Also check that the shut-off switch is in the “on” position, and that fuel is reaching the spark plug.

If the fuel is being delivered and the spark plug is working, the engine may be flooded. To start a flooded chainsaw engine, follow these steps:

1. Lay the chainsaw down on a flat, dry surface.

2. Take out the spark plug (make sure the spark plug hole is turned away from you, since fuel can spurt out).

3. Push in the choke control to deactivate the choke, and press in the throttle control while pulling sharply on the starting cord six or eight times.

4. Dry the spark plug and refit it.

5. Follow the normal starting procedure for your chainsaw.

How do I lubricate the bar and chain?

Chainsaws from McCulloch are self-lubricating. Use only Outdoor Accessories bar and chain oil. This oil has been specially developed to retain its viscosity at the extreme temperatures generated by the chain and bar. If the bar is fitted with a nose roller, this should also be lubricated regularly.

How do I change the sword or chain on my chainsaw?

To make this easy to understand, we’ve made a little film about it.

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