Last Updated: 12 July 2012

Gardening on the edge: New trimmers and brush cutters from McCulloch

With this year’s new trimmers and brush cutters, we at McCulloch have taken another step to meet our great challenge – a challenge that has two sides.

The first is, of course, to get every kind of garden in perfect shape in time for the barbecue. The second is the object of making a whole range of power driven garden products that actually look good.

As powerful as they look

The design of these new McCulloch trimmers and brush cutters has been trimmed to perfection, just as they will put the finishing touches to your garden. And by taking your choice of loop or bullhorn handle, you can easily find the work position that suits you best.

The new trimmer and brush cutter line by McCulloch consists of seven powerful machines offering high performance right from the entry level.

“These are premium products, which will be both felt and seen instantly. Adding further to the experience we have five useful attachments allowing users to transform their trimmer or brush cutter into a reliable hedge trimmer, cultivator, blower, edger or even a pole pruner in no time,” says Karin Qwist, Product Specialist at McCulloch.

T22 LCS and T22 LS trimmers

These easy-to-use, low-weight and relatively quiet trimmers are made with the general home owner in mind. Both trimmers are compatible with every attachment, making them extremely useful regardless if you need to tidy up the vegetable patch, get rid of cluttering porch leaves – or trim the lawn. The T22 LCS has a curved split shaft, and the T22 LS has a straight split shaft.

B28 P, B28 PS and B28 B brush cutters

Built for discerning consumers, the three 28 cm3 brush cutters can be fitted with a robust cutting blade, making them ideal for heavy-duty work. Choose between the loop handle of the P and PS versions, or the bullhorn handle on the B28 B – which comes with a comfortable harness, enabling longer periods of consistent cutting.

B40 B Elite and B40 P Elite brush cutters

With their sturdy feel and fierce design the Elite brush cutters are aimed at truly demanding users. They offer McCulloch’s OxyPower technology, making them even more energy efficient with optimized performance, low emission and reduced fuel consumption. The Elite models have also been equipped with a large one-litre tank. The B model comes with a bullhorn handle and the P version with a loop handle.

The new McCulloch trimmers and brush cutters are available at your local DIY store. 

The new McCulloch trimmers and brush cutters:
» Powerful: Seven models with muscular 22, 28 or 40 cm3 engines.
» Comfortable with low vibration, low weight, and height adjustable handle
» Versatile with five different high-quality attachments
» New, powerful McCulloch design
» Soft Start and air purge gets you instantly ready for action

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