Last Updated: 23 April 2013

How you get it done: Lawn mowing

Your lawn needs a little pampering now and then to look good and resist the attentions of weeds, moss and disease. Follow the advice below and we can promise that the grass will never look greener on the other side.

Before you start mowing, clear away litter, toys and other things that should’t be there. It will not be easier to pick them up after they’ve been cut to pieces.

Wait until the lawn is really green before you rake it, otherwise you could damage it. You can give the lawn its first cut when the grass gets longer than 40–60 mm.

When you mow the lawn it removes nutrients that the grass needs to grow and resist weeds. Set the cutting height a little longer than normal the first few times you mow in spring, as this will help it grow.

The lawn grows fastest during the early part of the season, so you should mow it once or twice a week. When summer reaches its peak the grass grows more slowly. After summer the growth rate picks up again, then slows down in autumn and stops completely when the frost arrives.

Good to know when mowing

Never cut more than half the length of the grass blades at each mowing. As a rule of thumb the grass should not be shorter than four centimetres.

Avoid mowing when it is very hot and sunny, as the grass is most vulnerable then. And of course it’s more relaxing for you to mow in the cool of the evening.

A sharp cutting blade is important. If the blade cuts the grass cleanly it reduces the risk of the grass drying out or being attacked by disease. Diseases can attack frayed grass more easily, the lawn may turn brown and weeds will find it easier to take root.

Try to make all the grass cuttings stay on the lawn and consider which way the ejection goes. Also, do not follow the same tracks each time you mow. The tracks will then be visible afterwards.

Do not use mulching too often in the middle of summer. The lawn will receive too little oxygen – and leaving too much cuttings on the lawn will be annoying when you spend more time on it.

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