Last Updated: 01 August 2015

McCulloch chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaws are designed to bring out the lumberjack in you – but at the same time, our products are seldom used on a daily basis. We’ve taken that into account in our product development, and all our chainsaws are easy to start thanks to their proven, reliable technology.

We also feel that working with a chainsaw should be safe and simple. That’s why we’ve given our saws strong engines, light weight, great ergonomics, superior durability and a set of other helpful features.

In your garden there are many fields of use for a chainsaw – cutting your own firewood, taking down annoying trees, trimming off branches and doing carpentry, for instance.

Did you know that you can even use your chainsaw indoors, if you choose one of our new electric models? With a high chain speed, light weight and a slimmed-down design that says “Let’s get to work,” McCulloch’s electric chainsaws are probably the smoothest chainsaws you’ve ever tried.

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