Last Updated: 01 April 2015

McCulloch front mowers – useful and full of uses

A McCulloch front mower is not just a powerful and specially designed ride-on mower. It can also be used for a number of other tasks in the garden and help you during all seasons. Take a look at the attachments we offer and turn your front mower into the machine you need:


Make your grass greener with a tow-behind broadcast spreader for fertilizing. Other uses include seeding, weed control, and ice melting. Variable flow control and fully enclosed gearcase.


Make holes in your lawn to let air, water and fertilisers reach into the ground. Can be weighted with up to 45 kg depending on ground conditions.

Front mounted rotary broom.

Attach the broom and you’ll sweep up just about everything loose in your garden, including leaves and smaller debris.

Moss rake.

Attach a strong moss rake for efficient removal of moss from your lawn. The automatic raking action allows water, air and nutrients to reach the grass roots.


Move gravel, litter, sand – or maybe a nice supply of charcoal for your barbecue, with the convenient trailer. Very easy loading and unloading.

Snow front blade.

Meet the cold front with a snow blade of sturdy steel and get your driveway cleared from snow in no time.

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