Last Updated: 31 May 2012

McCulloch – literally speaking

Our founder couldn’t help how he spelled his last name. After all, Robert McCulloch was no regular Mr. Smith, but a special man with a special name.

This, however, has proved to be something of a difficulty for anyone looking for McCulloch products on the web. So far we’ve counted 56 common misspellings.

If you’re talking about the garden brand, these are examples of how NOT to spell McCulloch: MacKulloch, MacKullock, McUlloch, McCullough, McUllock, MacUlloch, MacUllock, McCullochs, MacCullochs, MacCulloch, MacCullock, McColloch, NcCulloch, MacCulock, McChulloc, McChulloch, MacChulloc, MacChulloch, McChullock, McChullok, McChuloc, MacChullok, McUloch, McColloc, McCullok, MacUloch, MacUlock.

Maybe you’re wondering what the point of this spelling lesson is. Well, accessibility is one of McCulloch’s core values, and we simply want you to be able to find our products. That’s why they’re sold at DIY stores and other places where you do your regular shopping – and they’re also very easy to find if you’re doing your shopping online.

Just remember it’s a McCulloch you want. Nothing else.

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