Last Updated: 21 May 2013

New McCulloch tractors – trusty companions for rough garden work

McCulloch is getting ready to take on yet another tough gardening season. The biggest news this year might well be the new range of powerful garden tractors – fourteen in total, and all designed to become the garden owner’s trusty companions all year round.

With superior manoeuvrability, strong engines and lots of time-saving features, the new McCulloch tractors have been carefully developed to get your garden work done as fast and efficiently as possible. If you need some serious power, perhaps you should take a look at the largest models, which have 107 cm cutting widths and 320 litre collectors.

The comfort steering wheel, hydrostatic transmission, strong headlights and great versatility through various accessories make the McCulloch tractors nice to work with and useful for many more tasks than just mowing the lawn.

Looking as fast as they are

The powerful tractors might make your lawn mowing feel like a fast race, and McCulloch has further expanded on this theme. The attractive, fast-looking design and functions include such features as a racing steering wheel and a front with an aggressive, yellow grille.

Let your tractor get more things done

By getting some of the many accessories available from Universal, you can use your McCulloch tractors to get many more garden jobs done. Attaching a trailer, moss rake, spreader or a snow thrower are just a few examples of how you can easily prepare your tractor for year round use.

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