Last Updated: 07 July 2014

The world’s most efficient BBQ grill

It’s good to start well in advance with your barbecue preparations – especially if you’re building the grill itself first. We met John, a self-taught engineer, and let him demonstrate the likely most efficient (or deadly) barbecue grill to ever grace a driveway.

A bushy beard, a mumbling voice, gazing in another direction. It instantly becomes clear that this is a man capable of great deeds. John has turned up for us outside his big garage, where the welder has the place of honour on the concrete floor and the workbench is cluttered with all sorts of tools and gadgets.

“One day I was clearing out some junk that seemed impossible to use,” John says. “Then suddenly I had the most fantastic vision.”

Among the things John was about to throw away was an oil drum, rusty headers for a big block V8 engine, some discarded chainsaw chains and an old worn chainsaw bar.

“When I saw all these things together, it hit me: This could be turned into the most efficient barbecue grill – or at least something like that.”

How John made his dream come true, and how his strange creation functioned in reality, is the subject of an inspiring mini-documentary found here (link). Caution: Hot.

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