Last Updated: 13 April 2012

Time to grab the power: Introducing the new McCulloch range

It takes all kinds of strengths to handle this world, to get things done so you have a few moments of relaxation. At McCulloch, we’re fully aware of this, and we’d like to help you, by offering extra power where it’s most welcome – namely, in your garden.

The new McCulloch range is a team of powerful high-quality garden products, where each member has its own special strengths. When creating them we’ve used all our knowledge to get the most out of the engines and technology. But even though the products have lots of power, we’ve made sure that they are easy to operate and safe.

Muscle-building at the drawing board

Our designers took on the exciting challenge of creating a whole new design concept for McCulloch, and the result was a line of garden products whose muscular shapes always seem to move forward. The black surfaces play against each other while yellow elements make it look like the power inside almost bursts out.

“When constructing the new McCulloch product series we really wanted the power inside to be matched by an equally powerful exterior,” says Towe Ressman, Head of Design at the Husqvarna Group.

All the features you never knew you always needed

Powerful, reliable engines and new technology are at the very heart of McCulloch product development. But of equal importance to get your garden work done is the carefully tested ergonomics and helpful features.

Yes, garden work can be hard. But there’s no need for us to make it any harder. On the contrary, we want to give you all the shortcuts – so you can doze off in your hammock, have friends over for a barbecue party, play football with the kids or whatever the real reasons you have a garden might be.

It’s easier to sell things where people buy things

Our efforts to help people get their garden work done would be rather pointless if people couldn’t get a hold of our products. That’s why you find powerful McCulloch products at your local retail chain store and in your DIY store – places where you do your regular shopping.

Getting things done is a matter of grabbing the power, and with the new McCulloch range, it’s never been easier to get your garden in shape.

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