Last Updated: 26 March 2013

Time to unleash the new McCulloch lawn mowers

McCulloch’s product developers would never think of taking a break from their work on designing a new future for power-driven garden products. This spring it’s time to introduce a whole new range of powerful and attractive lawn mowers.

The new lawn mowers closely follow the distinctive McCulloch design, where a powerful interior is matched by an equally powerful exterior. By combining different black surfaces and adding fierce yellow elements to underline the power, these are no doubt our best-looking lawn mowers yet.

McCulloch engines and PX3 blade

What’s under the hood, however, is just impressive as the design. For instance, we’ve developed our own special McCulloch engines that are used on many of the models. The engines have been carefully built, thoroughly tested and adjusted to fit the products and their purpose perfectly.

The PX3 blade is another great feature that will make lawn mowing almost seem fun. PX3 should be read “power times three”, referring to the three superior features that are combined in the blade: high durability, better shredding capacity, and excellent sharpness for a better cut. As far as we can tell, the McCulloch PX3 blade is actually the strongest, most durable lawn mower blade on the consumer market.

Easier than ever to get started

Getting started with your mowing is easier than ever, as most of the new lawn mowers have electric start – you just push the button and you’re ready to go. Except for some of the smallest models, all are also equipped with the convenient 3-in-1 cutting system, where you choose between side ejection, mulching or collecting the clippings.

And finally, if you still haven’t made up your mind, let us just add that McCulloch’s new lawn mower range is one of the world’s widest. No matter what mowing needs you have, you can always find a McCulloch model that suits your needs perfectly.

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