Last Updated: 26 June 2012

When you’re done, download McCulloch’s own Done magazine

When you’re done mowing the lawn, get your Ipad, make yourself comfortable in your hammock and download the first issue of McCulloch’s Powermag from Appstore. It’s a free Mag+ publication – and it’s a nice read for lazy summer days.

Powermag is McCulloch’s own, unconventional garden magazine, focusing on power and getting things done. Recurring contents are news about McCulloch and the brand’s products, easy gardening tips and anything that helps you get more free time – and what to do with it.

Powermag also features articles about interesting people and subjects, all following McCulloch’s brand promise, “the power to get it done.”

In this premier issue, you’ll get to meet Swedish super-chef Tommy Myllymäki and learn the secrets behind a great barbecue, read the power-packed story of the custom car culture, and find out which garden type you are.

And of course, there are also stories about the new McCulloch range, where product developers and designers reveal how the products were created.

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