• McCulloch Electric Chainsaws

    McCulloch chainsaws

    With a high chain speed, light weight and a slimmed-down design that says "Let’s get to work", McCulloch’s electric chainsaws are probably the smoothest chainsaws you’ve ever tried.

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  • McCulloch chainsaws

    McCulloch chainsaws

    With a McCulloch chainsaw, the power is all in your hands. In addition to their good looks, all McCulloch chainsaws feature the powerful OxyPower system and other helpful functions that get the job done fast and easy.

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  • McCulloch Electric Chainsaws

    Outdoors and indoors

    With a McCulloch electric chainsaw, you’ll easily get the job done – outdoors or indoors. The only limitation is the length of your power cord.

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  • McCulloch chainsaw design

    McCulloch chainsaws

    With their black, muscular curves and exciting contrasts in surfaces, the McCulloch chainsaws look as powerful as they are. Carefully placed yellow elements make it look like the power inside almost bursts out.

    • Features & benefits

      McCulloch chainsaws all have the power to get it done - and a lot of helpful features.

      • Integrated combi tool

        Integrated combi tool

        The combi tool is integrated into the rear handle, it's always there when you need it for maintenance.

      • Combined controls

        Combined controls

        All start and stop controls are integrated in one. This allows easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding. The auto return stop makes the saw always ready to start.

      • Easy access clips

        Easy access clips

        Get easy and fast access to filter and spark plug with clips on the cylinder cover.

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    • Testing the endurance of a chainsaw

      The durability of a McCulloch chainsaw was put through an extremely challenging test when we cut a huge pile of wood in one go.

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    McCULLOCH Chainsaws


    Sorry. We only sell powerful products.


    Bar length

    Show only products with:

    Petrol Chainsaws

    Cylinder displacement Power output Compare

    CS 330

    33 cm³ / 2.01 cu.inch 1.2 kW

    CS 340

    38 cm³ / 2.32 cu.inch 1.3 kW

    CS 380

    38.2 cm³ / 2.33 cu.inch 1.4 kW

    CS 380+

    38.2 cm³ / 2.33 cu.inch 1.4 kW

    CS 410 ELITE

    40.9 cm³ / 2.5 cu.inch 1.6 kW

    CS 450 ELITE

    45.7 cm³ / 2.8 cu.inch 2 kW

    CS 360

    36 cm³ / 2.2 cu.inch 1.3 kW

    CS 360T

    36 cm³ / 2.2 cu.inch 1.3 kW

    CS 400

    40 cm³ / 2.44 cu.inch 1.5 kW

    CS 400T

    40 cm³ / 2.44 cu.inch 1.5 kW


    42 cm³ / 2.56 cu.inch 1.5 kW

    CS 50S

    50 cm³ / 3.05 cu.inch 2.1 kW

    CS 35

    35 cm³ / 2.14 cu.inch 1.4 kW

    CS 35S

    35 cm³ / 2.14 cu.inch 1.4 kW

    Electric Chainsaws

    Voltage Power rating Compare


    230 V 1800 W


    230 V 1900 W


    230 V 2000 W


    230 V 2000 W

    Inline 1650

    230 V 1650 W

    Inline 1800T

    230 V 1800 W

    Inline 2200T

    230 V 2200 W

    Battery Chainsaws

    Motor type Voltage Compare

    Li 40CS

    Brushless 40 V

    Petrol Chainsaws

    Electric Chainsaws

    Battery Chainsaws

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