• McCulloch ROB R600

    ROB is the unsung hero in your garden. Day or night, rain or shine ROB quietly and efficiently cuts the lawn for you, so you don’t have to. ROB is a McCulloch robotic lawnmower and can handle most gardens up to 1000m2 with inclines of 25%. ROB not only cuts the lawn, but helps make it stronger and healthier.

    By continuously cutting the grass tips little and often, the fine grass clippings disappear back into the soil acting as a natural lawn feed, meaning there is no need to collect them. He discreetly mows even at night.

    ROB knows who’s boss. He’s hard working, never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge. Tell ROB when to mow, day or night, rain or shine up to 24/7. He’s also quick & easy to install.

    Fitted with a loud audible alarm when lifted and a security PIN code for added protection, ROB is also protected against theft.

    • Power
    • Features


  • Working area capacity 600 m² +/-20% / 0.15 acre +/-20%
  • Charging system Automatic
  • Maximum incline inside working area 25%
  • Colour Black/Yellow
  • Keypad 15 buttons
  • Information panel LCD display with settings menu
  • Handle type Integrated
  • Wheel threads Medium
Power and charging
  • Battery type Li-ion
  • Typical charging time 50 min
  • Typical mow time on one charge 65 min
Motor and cutting system
  • Cutting height, min-max 20 - 50 mm / 0.79 - 1.97 inch
  • Cutting width 17 cm / 6.69 inch
Sound and noise data
  • Sound level measured: 57 dB(A), guaranteed: 59 dB(A)
Safety and security features
  • Alarm Yes
  • PIN code Yes
  • Installation lock Yes
  • Time lock Yes
  • Lift sensor Yes
  • Tilt sensor Yes
Installation accessories
  • Loop wire 150 m / 492.13 ft
  • Staples 200 pcs
  • Extra blades 3 pcs
Overall dimensions
  • Product size, LxWxH 590x440x260 mm / 23.23x17.32x10.24 inch
  • Weight 7 kg / 15.43 lbs


  • ROB Knows Who's Boss

    Tell Rob when to mow, day or night, rain or shine, up to 24/7 and he never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge.

  • ROB's Green Fingered

    Rob cuts the grass into small clippings naturally feeding the lawn as he goes, making it stronger and healthier.

  • ROB's Hard Working

    Rob automatically mows a lawn up to 600m2 so you don't have to. Let Rob do the job.

  • Easy installation

    Designed for easy self installation - a boundary wire defines the area for every garden type.

  • Discreet Mowing

    Only 59dB(A) so it wont disturb you when mowing at night.

  • Security PIN

    Alarmed for added security.

  • Cuts slopes

    Up to 25% gradient.

  • Covers all garden shapes

    It works by mowing in a random pattern, whatever the garden shape so that all parts are covered.



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