• McCulloch trimmers and brushcutters

    McCulloch trimmers and brushcutters

    Equipped with a McCulloch trimmer or brushcutter, you’ll get your garden in perfect shape well in time for the barbecue. The many ergonomic features make sure your back and shoulders keep in shape, too.

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  • Muscle-building at the drawing board

    Like all new McCulloch products, our trimmers and brushcutters have been given a bold, black and muscular design. Hints of yellow make it seem like the power inside almost bursts out.

    • Features and benefits

      McCulloch trimmers all have the power to get it done - and a lot of helpful features.

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    • Testing the endurance of a trimmer

      The durability of a McCulloch trimmer was put through an extremely challenging test when we trimmed a whole field of tall grass in one go.

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    McCULLOCH Trimmers and brushcutters


    Sorry. We only sell powerful products.

    Cutting width


    Show only products with:




    T26 CS

    Li 40T


    Cylinder displacement Power output Compare

    B26 PS

    26.2 cm³ / 1.6 cu.inch 0.75 kW


    26.2 cm³ / 1.6 cu.inch 0.75 kW

    B28 B

    28 cm³ / 1.71 cu.inch 0.8 kW

    B28 PS

    28 cm³ / 1.71 cu.inch 0.8 kW

    B428 PS

    28 cm³ / 1.71 cu.inch 0.83 kW

    B33 P

    33 cm³ / 2.01 cu.inch 0.9 kW

    B33 B

    33 cm³ / 2.01 cu.inch 0.9 kW

    B40 B ELITE

    40 cm³ / 2.45 cu.inch 1.5 kW

    B40 P ELITE

    40 cm³ / 2.45 cu.inch 1.5 kW

    B40 BT ELITE

    40 cm³ / 2.45 cu.inch 1.5 kW



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    • OxyPower: Less emissions, more power

      All McCulloch trimmers are equipped with OxyPower, a patent technology that reduces harmful emissions, lowers the fuel consumption, and gives you more power.

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    • Trio Cutting: one package, three products

      In each McCulloch trimmer package labeled Trio Cutting, there are three cutting systems included right from the start.

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