• CHO056

    CHO056 - 3/8" Chisel

    • With reduced kickback • Fast and more aggressive • Long 3/8” cutter for longer life • Ideal for working in severe cutting conditions • To sharpen use 5.5mm file - FLO005 File handle - FLO006 and Flat file - FLO007

    Fits: McCulloch and most leading brands (See Xref for models)



Šī izstrādājuma versijas

X-refArticle numberSliedes garumsĶēdes solisŠablonsPiedziņas šarnīrsSkaits iepakojumāMore info
CHO00157761510130 cm3/8"1,1 mm445577615101
CHO00257761510230 cm3/8"1,1 mm455577615102
CHO00357761510330 cm3/8"1,1 mm465577615103
CHO00457761510435 cm3/8"1,1 mm505577615104
CHO00557761510535 cm3/8"1,1 mm525577615105
CHO00657761510640 cm3/8"1,1 mm565577615106
CHO01057761511025 cm3/8"1,3 mm395577615110
CHO01157761511125 cm3/8"1,3 mm405577615111
CHO01457761511430 cm3/8"1,3 mm445577615114
CHO01557761511530 cm3/8"1,3 mm455577615115
CHO01657761511630 cm3/8"1,3 mm465577615116
CHO01757761511730 cm3/8"1,3 mm475577615117
CHO01957761511930 cm3/8"1,3 mm495577615119
CHO02057761512035 cm3/8"1,3 mm495577615120
CHO02157761512135 cm3/8"1,3 mm505577615121
CHO02257761512235 cm3/8"1,3 mm525577615122
CHO02357761512335 cm3/8"1,3 mm535577615123
CHO02457761512435 cm3/8"1,3 mm545577615124
CHO02557761512540 cm3/8"1,3 mm545577615125
CHO02657761512640 cm3/8"1,3 mm555577615126
CHO02757761512740 cm3/8"1,3 mm565577615127
CHO02857761512840 cm3/8"1,3 mm575577615128
CHO02957761512940 cm3/8"1,3 mm585577615129
CHO03057761513040 cm3/8"1,3 mm595577615130
CHO03157761513145 cm3/8"1,3 mm605577615131
CHO03257761513245 cm3/8"1,3 mm625577615132
CHO05557761515538 cm3/8"1,5 mm565577615155
CHO05657761515640 cm3/8"1,5 mm605577615156
CHO05757761515742 cm3/8"1,5 mm645577615157
CHO05857761515845 cm3/8"1,5 mm685577615158
CHO05957761515950 cm3/8"1,5 mm725577615159