• McCulloch other accessories and tools

    McCulloch other accessories and tools

    If you take good care of your McCulloch products, they will provide you with many years of powerful garden assistance. Below you’ll find McCulloch oils, tools, and more useful products.


    The X-Ref is our guide to help you find the right accessories for your power product.

    Other accessories and tools

    Oils and Cans

    2 Stroke Oil

    Fuel Can

    Mixing Bottle

    Tools and Lubricants

    Felling Wedge

    Splitting Wedge

    Stump Vise

    • See how it’s done

      By watching our How-To movies you will learn how to do the easy maintenance on your McCulloch products and why you should use safety equipment.

    • Safety first

      McCulloch’s high-quality protective equipment keeps you safe while working with powerful products – and also make you look great while doing it.

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