• McCulloch hedge trimmers

    McCulloch hedge trimmers

    A powerful hedge trimmer keeps your hedge in precisely the shape you want it. Hedge trimming often includes a variety of movements and work in different positions. That’s why we’ve put extra care into the ergonomics of our hedge trimmers.

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    • Features and benefits

      McCulloch hedge trimmers all have the power to get it done - and a lot of helpful features.

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    • Light things in dark shapes

      McCulloch hedge trimmers are very light - but their design is all dark. The black, muscular shapes make the hedge trimmers look as powerful as they are.

    McCULLOCH Hedgetrimmers


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    ErgoLite 6028

    21.7 см³ / 1.3 куб. дюйм 0.6 кВт

    SuperLite 4528

    21.7 см³ / 1.3 куб. дюйм 0.6 кВт


    • Twisted design

      With the five-position handle of the ErgoLite hedge trimmer, you let the trimmer do all the trying twists and turns.

    • Ergolite 6028: Cut down on your hard work

      With its low weight and adjustable rear handle, Ergolite 6028 makes trimming your hedge easier than ever. Work time will be cut simultaneously, thanks to a high cutting speed and double acting blades.

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