• Benefits of an electric chainsaw

    When looking to buy a chainsaw for cutting firewood or for general garden maintenance most people think immediately about buying a petrol...

    Last Updated: 12 November 2015
  • How to find a cheap chainsaw

    Often one of the biggest deciding factors on which chainsaw to buy is the price. Obviously everyone wants a bargain, but people often spe...

    Last Updated: 12 November 2015
  • Tough Viking

    Are you ready for the toughest challenge of the year?

    Last Updated: 01 August 2015
  • Last Updated: 01 August 2015
  • Get your McCulloch up and running again

    Has your lawn mower lost its bite? Is your chainsaw impossible to get started? If so, you can always read the user manual, or ask a frien...

    Last Updated: 01 July 2015
  • Lawn 2015: Get it in shape

    Did you know that you should never cut the grass shorter than four centimeters? Or that you can use your garden hose to clean the mower a...

    Last Updated: 01 June 2015
  • El Taco Truck – street food with love

    Food trucks have in a short time become a common feature in the streets of Stockholm. Nikola Adamovic and Niklas Bolle at El Taco Truck w...

    Last Updated: 01 April 2015
  • New electric chainsaws: Fastest on the market

    With a chain speed of 13 m/s, the new electric chainsaw from McCulloch is probably one of the fastest on the consumer market. “A high ch...

    Last Updated: 13 November 2014
  • Let your tractor do the hard work – all year

    Did you know that a McCulloch tractor is not only a powerful lawn mower – but also an all-year workmate in the garden? Equipped with vari...

    Last Updated: 01 September 2014
  • The Grand adventure

    “Live your life while you’re alive. If you stay at home in the margin all the time you’ll end up a vegetable.” Ola Skinnarmo summarises ...

    Last Updated: 01 September 2014

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