Chainsaw Parts & Accessories

Your chainsaw needs both care and maintenance in order to be your trusty companion. McCulloch offers a complete range of chainsaw parts and accessories for trouble-free working and storage.


A selection of high quality chainsaw chains that offer a neat and tidy cut. These chains are available in a variety of sizes to fit the most common bar lengths and gauges.


A selection of high quality replacement bars for your chainsaw. Laminated and designed with a small nose radius, these chainsaw bars help reduce the risk of kickback and facilitate good cutting control. Available in a variety of lengths and gauges, these guide bars have an epoxy coating to help protect them against scratches and corrosion, helping prolong the life of the bar.


Give your chainsaw what it needs! McCulloch offer a range of premium quality oils that has been blended to optimise performance and to minimise negative environmental impacts.