• McCulloch lawn mowers

    McCulloch lawn mowers

    It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or small, sloping or level garden - there’s always a McCulloch lawn mower ready to take on the challenge. Our lawn mower range is actually the widest on the home market.

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  • It’s easy to get going – and mowing

    With powerful engines, wide cutting decks and high wheels, McCulloch mowers are fast and easy to use. Most models let you choose between collecting, discharging or mulching the cuttings.

  • On top when it comes to design

    McCulloch lawn mowers have been given a fresh design, most noticeable on the top, where the black, muscular shapes are highlighted by a cool yellow framing around the mesh-patterned grille.

    • Features and benefits

      McCulloch lawn mowers all have the power to get it done - and a lot of helpful features.

      • Central height cut adjustment

        Central height cut adjustment

        Easy setting of cutting height with a single handle.

      • Powerful performance

        Powerful performance

        The powerful performance makes the mower suitable for all grass areas.

      • Easy to Start

        Easy to Start

        Automatic engine prime. Just pull the rope and take off.

    • Testing the endurance of a lawnmower

      The durability of a McCulloch lawn mower was put through an extremely challenging test when we cut a whole field of tall grass in one go.

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    McCULLOCH Lawnmowers


    Sorry. We only sell powerful products.


    Cutting width

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    Lawn mowers

    Engine manufacturer Drive system List Price incl. VAT Compare

    M40-110 Classic

    McCulloch Push

    M46-110R Classic

    McCulloch Self-propelled, single speed


    Honda Self-propelled, variable speed

    M51-150WR Classic

    McCulloch Self-propelled, single speed

    M53-150WR Classic

    McCulloch Self-propelled, single speed

    M53-150AP 4x4

    Briggs & Stratton Self-propelled, variable speed

    M40-125 Classic+

    Briggs & Stratton Push

    M46-125R Classic+

    Briggs & Stratton Self-propelled, single speed

    M51-140WR Classic+

    Briggs & Stratton Self-propelled, single speed


    Briggs & Stratton Self-propelled, variable speed

    Lawn mowers

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