Tree & Hedge Care Advice

Hints and tips for maintaining healthy trees and hedges.

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How to prune shurbs

Early spring time is a good time to prune most shrubs in the garden. They should be pruned for the same reason as trees – when they have become too large and wild, and when you need to trim out old branches.
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How to prune a tree

There are several reasons for pruning a tree - it may have grown too big, you may want to reshape it, or it may be time to remove old and weak branches. The branches should not be too close together, all on the same level, or grow in towards the stem. Prune trees regularly by making small adjustments when they are young, about 1 to 2 years old. That way you can avoid bigger, more risky measures later.
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How to trim a hedge

The first thing you need to consider before trimming your hedge is what shape you want your hedge to have.
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