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  • OM, FH2801, 2007, PRESSURE WASHERS, 966000301

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    only cleaning fluids specifically recommended for high pressure washers. Follow manufactur- ers recommendations. Do not use chlorine bleach or any other corrosive compound. • Never place hands in front ... detergents, cleaners and degreasers recommended for use in pressure washers. • Wear protective clothing to protect eyes and skin from contact with sprayed materials. • Haga funcionar la lavadora a presión en

  • OM, FHH16J, 2008-06, PRESSURE WASHERS, 966990201, 7096H16J01

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    Cleaning agent will be added to the water automatically. • For every 7 Liter of water pumped 1 Liter of chemical/cleaning solution will be used. • Pressure washers use the power of water to clean without

  • OM, FHH20A, 2010, PRESSURE WASHERS, 966000401

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  • OM, FH2801, 2010, PRESSURE WASHERS

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