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Frequently Asked Questions: Ride on Mowers

Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about McCulloch ride-on mowers.

The brakes on my tractor are not working. How do I adjust the brakes?

If your tractor requires more than 5 feet to stop at highest speed in highest gear on a level, dry concrete or paved surface, then the brakes must be adjusted and/or the brake pads need replacing.

1. Park tractor on level ground and depress clutch/brake pedal all the way down and lock parking brake.

2. Disengage transmission by placing lever in "freewheel" or "disengage" position. The lever must be pulled out and put into the disengage slot.

3. Manually push the tractor forward, the rear wheels must lock and skid. At this point, if brakes do not lock and skid, please contact an Authorised servicing dealer in your area for brake adjustment or replacement of pads.

My tractor does not run correctly. It starts OK but runs very rough and smokes, what could be the problem?

Check the oil level. Overfilling of oil in the engine can result in excessive engine smoke.

Check the choke lever by making sure that it is in the off position.

How can I check the brakes on my lawn tractor?

Step 1- Park the tractor on a dry level concrete or paved service, then depress the clutch brake pedal all the way down and engage the parking brake.

Step 2 - Disengage the transmission by placing the freewheel control located at the rear of the tractor to the transmission disengaged position.

Step 3 - Pull the freewheel control out and into the slot and release so it is held at the disengage position.

Step 4 - Try pushing the Tractor manually, if the rear wheels are locked and skid, that means the brake is functioning correctly. If the rear wheels rotate, the brake needs to be adjusted or the pads may need to be replaced.

Are there any tips that I should be aware of before storing my tractor for the winter?

1. Keep the unit covered to protect it from moisture.

2. Empty all of the fuel out of the tractor.

3. Remove the ignition key from the unit.

4. Make sure the oil and fuel caps are installed tightly.

Reference your owner's manual or contact an Authorised servicing dealer in your area for additional information.

What is the benefit of having the Reverse Operating System?

Reverse operating system, is a feature that allows the operator of the equipment to be able to mow while in reverse, this requires a conscious decision to activate the ROS capabilities. The operator needs to be very aware of surroundings when mowing in reverse.