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Battery powered tools. What, why and which one...

So if it’s time to get out into the garden but you aren’t planning on spending every weekend maintaining your outdoor space, it’s clear that you need to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. For fuss-free optimum results, we recommend using battery powered tools to give you all the power you’ll need…


Why battery powered tools?

In comparison to petrol, battery powered tools are not only quieter but need less maintenance. There are no spark plugs or starter cords to contend with and, once charged, they’re ready to go. Comparatively, some petrol powered tools can take up to eleven time-consuming steps just to get them ready for action. Measure fuel, measure oil, mix fuel and oil together, pour into machine etc.

It’s also worth considering the low maintenance of battery powered tools in contrast to petrol. As they have fewer moving parts and a one-touch start button, the wear-and-tear is limited. This is also true when you consider that many battery-powered tools have a brushless motor, meaning that inner parts don’t grind against each other and aren’t as likely to wear out either and are more energy efficient.

Of course, there is also the issue with fuel when using petrol powered products. 2 stoke machines require you to mix fuel and oil in the correct proportions so you risk seizing your engine if mixed incorrectly. Whereas, with a battery machine will never make an error or use stale fuel by mistake, which can occur if you leave petrol in your machine over the winter months.

The overall cost of electricity is much lower than that of petrol. Taking this into consideration along with the comparative economic impact of battery powered tools makes choosing battery over petrol a no-brainer.
In terms of power, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries ensure the tools are working at peak performance throughout the task in hand, so you know that all the time you invest in the job will be worth it.

For certain applications like chopping firewood, battery powered tools can actually make the job quicker. This is because the power from a Li-Ion battery is instantly transferred to the motor to engage the tool avoiding the start-up delay sometimes experienced with petrol powered tools when you pull the trigger.

What are lithium-ion batteries?

Today, the most up-to-date power tools use lithium-ion (Li-Ion) in their batteries, while older handheld power products use nickel-metal hydride (NiMh).

Ideal for portable tools, Li-Ion batteries are a type of rechargeable battery which provides high performance with low weight and no memory effect.

First developed and commercialised by Sony back in 1991 Li-Ion batteries are now used in many power tools and other applications such as mobile phones.

Li-Ion batteries are more energy dense than NiMh, so they’re able to store more energy gram for gram than NiMh batteries. This allows Li-Ion batteries to be smaller and more powerful whilst still ensuring the machine is lightweight.

Li-Ion batteries also ensure optimum performance because they keep tools working at peak performance right up to going flat. This means that although recharged frequently, they lose very little energy capacity and do not lose power as the battery nears its need for a recharge.

Another distinct advantage lithium ion has over other battery types is that it never forgets. Other battery types, if you only use them for short periods and recharge them, begin to forget that they have all the extra energy within the battery and think that they only have the amount of previously used. This limits the amount of work you can do with the battery and power tool. This is known as memory effect.

Which battery powered tool do I need and why?

Grass maintenance

Unruly grass edges are not only unsightly but they can affect the growth of any surrounding plants so it’s important to keep the grass trimmed back. It’s a tricky job so you’ll need a powerful tool that ensures accuracy.

Opt for the McCulloch, Li 40T Power Li~NK grass trimmer which features a Power Boost button. When pressed, the button increases motor speed to power through longer or tougher grass.


Leaf clean up

From sweeping out the garage to clearing the garden of leaf build up, a battery powered blower is ideal when the job needs doing.

We recommend the McCulloch, Li 40GB, Power Li~NK battery blower, with its variable speed options it gives you total control over airflow so you will always have the right level of power for the job. Its low weight, easy-to-hold design and cruise control makes those longer jobs as comfortable as possible.

Whether it is trimming down logs for firewood or maintaining trees, a good quality chainsaw can be an invaluable tool to have to hand.

The McCulloch Li 40CS Power Li~NK battery chainsaw has an 18 metres per second chain speed and a brushless motor with direct drive, providing a powerful cutting performance. This means less wear and tear of inner parts, making this tool a long lasting and efficient one.

Safety is paramount when using a chainsaw. The Power Li~NK battery chainsaw comes with an electronic chain brake which protects you against kickbacks, and a safety alarm alerting you if the chain brake is on. Failure to disengage the chain brake when using a chainsaw is one of the most common causes of motor burnout within a chainsaw.

When using a chainsaw you should always wear the correct protective clothing to avoid injury.


Trimming hedges

Hedge trimming can be somewhat of an art. You need flexibility and maximum power, not to mention a clean cut.

For maintaining your garden hedges all year round, we recommend the McCulloch Li 40HT Power Li~NK battery hedge trimmer. It is low weight, so comfortable to use for extended periods, with a rotating handle to provide the precision and control you need and makes cutting the sides of hedges more comfortable.

With 60cm high quality blades with 19mm tooth gap, and a battery which works at maximum power throughout, this tool ensures you will achieve that perfect, clean cut – quickly.

Lawn maintenance

If you want to spend next to no time on maintaining your lawn but still want to ensure your lawn has a precise and clean finish, ROB is the lawnmower for you. If you don’t know who ROB is, he is the new McCulloch robotic lawn mower – the unsung hero in your garden who cuts the grass for you so you don’t have to.

Battery powered and automatic, you can programme ROB to cut the lawn while you are asleep or not planning on using the garden. . All you have to do is lay a simple boundary wire so he knows where to mow and leave ROB to get the job done while you get on with more important things.

Continuously trimming the tips of the grass creates micro-clippings that mulch and feed the lawn, and ROB’s irregular cutting pattern and ability to traverse slopes ensures the ultimate finish even in complex gardens.

You don’t need to worry about annoying the neighbours either as ROB is incredibly quiet, meaning ROB can cut the grass overnight if you’ve just found out its BBQ weather tomorrow!

Speaking of weather, Rob doesn't mind the odd shower, he’ll keep working come rain or shine. If security is a concern, just relax as ROB is alarmed and PIN code protected for maximum protection from theft, In the interest of safety Rob will stop the blades from spinning if he is tilted or lifted from the ground.