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Mowing a 4,800 m2 field in one go with a McCulloch lawnmower

The most appreciated product is usually the reliable lawnmower.
4x4 lawnmower

Among McCulloch’s best-known and most appreciated products are the powerful and reliable lawn mowers. As a whole new series of lawn mowers has just been launched, we felt that it was about time that their endurance and “power to get it done” got thoroughly tested.


The big 4,800 m2 field we used for testing the McCulloch trimmer a while ago, was now again overgrown with unruly grass. It seemed like the perfect challenge!


With its new, extra durable and aggressive PX3 blade, the McCulloch mower seemed eager to get going, and the test driver just had to tag along. Mowing a big field may be hard on the operator, and so the comfortable handlebars with rubber-padded Operator Presence Control, and the other ergonomic features were essential to avoid any unnecessary pain.

After just over five hours, the job was done. The mower survived the test excellently, with no breakdowns, overheating or other problems occurring during the strenuous work. The field was finished with a perfect cutting result and the mower still in great shape. It seems that even with standard McCulloch mowers, you’ll have no trouble getting even the toughest jobs done.

4x4 lawnmower