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Get The Garden Jobs Done, Quicker!

It’s time for the would-be gardeners and outdoor types to get outside and get the garden thriving again. Armed with reliable, high performance tools means you won’t need to spend hours each day doing it either.

We’ve included our top tips to master your garden jobs fast and efficiently – with time to spare for some real adventure.

Pick the right time

Mowing the lawn can be time consuming and if you have a large area to cover the last thing you want to do is spend hours doing it. Choosing the right time of day can really help to get the job done more efficiently. Early evening mowing over mornings is best, as it will allow your grass to heal overnight before the sun arrives. It also allows enough time for the grass to dry after its morning sprinkle.

Make leaf clean up easy

The McCulloch GB 355BP Backpack Blower is the ideal leaf blower with the power to get the bigger garden tidy jobs done quickly and comfortably. This high performance petrol backpack blower features variable engine speed with cruise control, adjustable trigger handle position, easy access engine cover and those all-important comfortable padded straps.

Stay safe when cutting edges

Don’t be tempted to cut your hedges when it’s wet outside, wait for a good dry day to avoid any dangerous falls. The HT 5622 petrol hedge trimmer is the best tool for the task at hand. A wishbone shaped protector on top of the blade helps to protect you as well as guiding branches into the blade for a better cutting performance. Along with a lightweight and ergonomic design, the hedge trimmer also boasts a rotating handle for improved user comfort and different working positions.

Make sure the tank is full

It may sound obvious but one way to save time mowing is to ensure you have enough fuel to cut your lawn. No one likes to stop the job mid-way through to fill up so best be sure you are ready before you kick off. It’s always best to top it up if you are running low and of course it also saves time for next time you get the mower out. Make sure you don’t leave petrol in the machine for too long though or it will go stale.

Leave those grass clippings behind

While grass clippings on your lawn may look fairly unsightly, there are benefits to leaving them alone. They act as an organic fertilizer and add valuable nutrients back into your soil. The revolutionary ROB Robotic Mower can make its way around the garden day and night, trimming the tips of the grass to let micro clippings form mulch to feed the lawn – it also means no more emptying the grass box. As the nutrients are fed back into the soil the lawn remains healthier overall.

Clean and restore your BBQ well ahead of the season

Clean your BBQ well in advance of BBQ season to avoid having to do any last minute cleaning on the day. This will mean you have more time to concentrate on marinating the meat! Soak the grill in warm soapy water to allow any burnt on food that wasn’t properly removed to soften before brushing away the residue. Rinse clean with hot water and set aside ready for the big day.