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Battery Chainsaws

No fuel, no cord. Just get it done. These battery chainsaws are designed to be low weight, easy to start and deliver maximum power with minimal noise or maintenance.

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Performance You Can Rely On.

McCulloch battery powered chainsaws, put you in control of your machine. An intuitive LED keypad allows you to monitor your chainsaw performance throughout your task. Its Power Meter, lets you know how much power you are using during the task, allowing you maximise the battery life of the machine, while a battery gauge tells you how much charge is remaining. For more demanding tasks, the McCulloch Li 58CS Power Boost function increases the motor speed to help power through tougher jobs.

Convenience At You Finger Tips.

Battery chainsaws are incredibly easy to start when compared to petrol machines. No priming the carburetor required, and no starter cords to pull. At a touch of a button your chainsaw is up and running with the minimum of fuss. No only that, there is no need to mix fuel and oil or the hassle of storing petrol.

1 Battery, 5 Machines.

The Power LI-NK Pro 58V battery system is fully interchangeable, meaning one battery can used on all products within the McCulloch battery range.