Tree & Hedge Care Advice

Hints and tips for maintaining healthy trees and hedges.

How To Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can be quite unsightly and spoil the look of your groomed garden. If you have decided that a tree needs to come down, you will also need to plan how to remove the stump. There aren’t any time restrictions to when you should remove the tree stump as it can be carried out at any point during the year. Despite that, it may be preferable to do this in summer time, as the days are longer so you have more daylight to get the job done. You can also grow new plants in the hole created by the tree almost straight away.

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What To Consider When Buying A Hedge Trimmer

It doesn't take long for hedges and bushes to quickly grow out of control so owning a hedge trimmer that can get the job done quickly and effectively is very important – say goodbye to those shears! When choosing a hedge trimmer that’s right for your garden needs there are several things you need to consider. We’ve devised a handy checklist to help you choose the one that’s right for you…
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Easy Hedge Trimming Technique

If up until now you’ve done the bare minimum to keep an unruly hedge from taking over the garden then it might be time to up your game. Prepare to set the standard for hedge trimming skills in your neighbourhood. After all, your hedge can say as much about you as your beard….
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How To Move Your Hedge Or Bush

A well-placed hedge can be a very handy boundary around your garden. Sometimes, however, to get the best from your garden you may need to move your hedge to a different part of the garden – this is called ‘transplanting’. As many hedges are a collection of multiple plants, moving a hedge can be tricky business but as long as you follow the below planning tips you can make light work of transplanting your hedge…
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7 Steps To Becoming A Hedge Master

Hedge maintenance can be a daunting task during the summer months, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. You don't have to create elaborate shapes and experiment with innovative topiary in order to stand out on the street with your hedge game.
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How to prune shurbs

Early spring time is a good time to prune most shrubs in the garden. They should be pruned for the same reason as trees – when they have become too large and wild, and when you need to trim out old branches.
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How to prune a tree

There are several reasons for pruning a tree - it may have grown too big, you may want to reshape it, or it may be time to remove old and weak branches. The branches should not be too close together, all on the same level, or grow in towards the stem. Prune trees regularly by making small adjustments when they are young, about 1 to 2 years old. That way you can avoid bigger, more risky measures later.
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How to trim a hedge

The first thing you need to consider before trimming your hedge is what shape you want your hedge to have.
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How to create the perfect firewood

Nothing else can compare when it comes to an open fire – whether it’s a wood-burning fire in your home or a fire pit in the garden to help you extend warmer nights with a beer in hand, a roaring fire is a man’s best friend.

Of course, in order to create a fire worth showing off to neighbours and friends, you need the right components – most important of which is the firewood.

We’ve shared the answers to 6 key questions in relation to firewood to keep you in the know and ensure you’ll always be a man who can make fire.

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