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Grill and chill: New survey shows what we most like doing in our gardens

What activity do you like doing best in your garden? BBQ’ing? Chilling?

A recent survey shows us in black and white that people do not really like to work on their gardens in their leisure time. The survey, in which two thousand people in Sweden and Germany were interviewed, was conducted by CMA Research on behalf of McCulloch. The people interviewed were between 30 and 60 years of age and they all had access to a garden.

When asked what activity they like best in the garden, the Swedes responded, in turn, barbecuing, hanging out with friends and family, and relaxing.

The Germans, however, seemed to have a slightly different idea of what is most fun to do in the garden. Like the Swedes, they like barbecuing and eating most, and relaxing comes to second place. But after that - comes mowing the lawn, apparently a popular activity; especially for younger Germans.

People were also asked in the survey what they least like doing in the garden. This agrees exactly with our picture of reality. Last came weeding and shovelling snow, plus raking for the Swedes and cutting/trimming lawn edges for the Germans.

Generally when it comes to garden habits, both the Swedes (64%) and the Germans (69%) feel they would like more time to spend with their families in the garden. And one way of achieving this is to get the boring, heavy jobs out of the way as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Swedes like to do most in the garden:

Barbecuing 38%
Relaxing 19%
Socializing with friends 14%

What Germans DON'T like to do in the garden:

Weeding 48%
Shoveling snow 17%
Mowing the lawn 10%

Some interesting facts

76% of Swedes like to barbecue rather than mow the lawn

88% of Germans would rather do other things than work in the garden

1 out of 100 Germans like to play soccer in the garden

0% of Swedes do not like barbecuing

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