Robotic Lawnmowers


ROB's Hard Working

Meet ROB, the McCulloch robotic lawnmower. ROB will automatically cut your grass for you, so you don't have to. He is the strong silent type that independently goes about his business To Get The Job Done! 

Tell ROB when to mow, day or night, rain or shine, up to 24/7. He never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge. He even cuts lawns with slopes with a gradient up to 35% (ROB S models).


How ROB works

Your McCulloch robotic lawnmower works by simply laying a boundary wire around the edge of your lawn and around any large obstacles, such as trees and bushes – which tells ROB where to cut the grass. A second wire is laid leading from the robotic mowers charging station. This wire tells ROB where he needs to go to recharge. These wires disappear into the grass after a few weeks and cannot be seen.


Is my garden suitable?

ROB is ideal for tackling sloped gardens - inclines of up to 35% prove no problem for this mighty machine (ROB S Models). ROB's collision sensors and boundary wires help avoid any obstacles.

Uneven lawns are no problem for ROB - but sharp/deep holes should be avoided, and filled with soil to achieve an even lawn to avoid ROB from getting stuck. ROB can work in rainy conditions, however it is recommended you bring him indoors in extreme weather conditions.

Robot Lawnmowers

ROB's hard working - he will continuously cut your grass keeping it in great condition. He will work day or night, rain or shine and all he needs is the occasional rest at home to recharge.


ROB S600

Working area capacity: 600 m² ±20%

ROB S400

Working area capacity: 400 m² ±20%


Working area capacity: 1000 m² ±20%


Working area capacity: 600 m² ±20%