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Koopgids voor heggenscharen

Zonder regelmatig snoeien en onderhouden kunnen uw struiken en hagen al snel uw tuin overnemen. Het hebben van een goede heggenschaar is daarom essentieel.

Wanneer u op zoek bent naar een heggenschaar, is het belangrijk om een aantal factoren in overweging te nemen. De hoogte en dikte van uw heg heeft een belangrijke invloed op de functies die uw heggenschaar nodig heeft.

De drie belangrijkste soorten heggenscharen zijn:

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are typically the smallest, lightest, and cheapest hedge trimmers on the market. They are connected to the mains electric and are suited to small, domestic gardens. Sometimes the cord can become a nuisance when working amongst trees and bushes, and could snag on branches. On the plus side, electric hedge trimmers do tend to be lighter.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Offer a lot more power and are capable of tackling denser, thicker leaves and branches. They are also cordless, which allows you to go anywhere and cut anywhere in your garden or surrounding property. Petrol hedge trimmers require more maintenance than electric or battery hedge trimmers as you are required to add fuel and oil to your machines engine.


Battery Hedge Trimmers

Like electric models, battery hedge trimmers are perfect for noise sensitive areas as they are extremely quiet. They have the added advantage of being cordless so you can use them anywhere. The one downside is you need to plan ahead and remember to charge the battery before use. For very large gardens you may need one battery on chare while you use another to ensure you can complete the job.

Things to consider when buying a hedge trimmer

Cutting Width/Blade Gap and Blade Length
Another important aspect to consider when buying a hedge trimmer is the blade length. The length of your trimmers blade, will determine how fast the hedge is cut. An average size hedge would suit a blade length of a size between 45-60c, however, anything much larger or denser would be suited to a product with a blade length of more than 60cm. The larger the gap between the teeth of the blade – the more foliage you can cut in one go. A large blade gap is perfect for thicker, denser hedges. These general guidelines should help:

Size of hedge Length of blade
Small 46cm or below
Medium 47-56cm
Large 56cm +

Weight and Balance

If possible, you should try to hold the hedge trimmer before you buy, as they come in a variety of weights and balances. However, which is the best one for you is down to your personal preference.

Added Safety Features
Hedge trimmers can become dangerous pieces of equipment to use, therefore safety features are often a key selling point. You could look out for the following.
-Automatic Brake: This ensures that once the trigger is released, the blades should stop instantly, eg, if something gets jammed in the teeth of the machine.
-Hand Guard:This will protect your hands from any falling debris.
Ask yourself the following questions before you go shopping for your new hedge trimmer.

How big is your property?

Less than 100 yards to the nearest power source? An electric trimmer is fine for you. Anything larger, or if the space involves some obstacles – a petrol powered trimmer is probably best for your needs.

How often do you plan on using your new hedge trimmer?

If you only need a trimmer for occasional use, a cheap model makes sense. For frequent use, you should invest in something more professional, as they can save you time and money in the long run.