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Easy To Get Going - And Mowing

With powerful engines, wide cutting decks and high wheels, McCulloch petrol lawnmowers are fast and easy to use. Most models let you choose between collecting, discharging or mulching the cuttings, letting you get the finish to your lawn you prefer. McCulloch lawnmowers are super easy to use, easy to start and have all the power you need to mow your grass - fast!

M46-120RE Classic

Take on the extreme

Lawns with steep slopes can often be thought as a bit of a challenge with an ordinary lawnmower. But not with a McCulloch lawnmower. Mcculloch's four-wheel drive lawnmower (also referred to as a 4x4) - is, as far as we know, the only one on the consumer market. With 4x4 Drive, you’ll manage slopes like nothing and you’ll always have excellent traction to help you get the job done fast.

Featured Products


The Classic + Range is designed with the core lawnmower features in mind to get the job of cutting the grass done. It is aimed towards customers who require a simple, yet reliable and durable petrol powered lawnmower; but who are also drawn towards a branded engine. Customers who require the power, but do not want to spend extra money on additional features.


The Performance Range is designed to offer customers more advanced lawnmower features that help to make the experience of cutting grass easier and more enjoyable, as well as more powerful engines for tougher lawns. This range offers self-propelled models in both single or variable speed (FlexiSpeed) drive, and features innovative ideas such as PX3 blade for greater mulching and collection performance, vertical lift & storage thanks to Briggs & Stratton ‘Mow n Stow’ technology and Xpress Start electric start button. This versatile and wide range is aimed at customers who above all require power, but also seek additional convenience through smart features that make the job easier and quicker.


All McCulloch lawn mowers are powerful, but they also have a range of innovative and smart solutions that help make them easier, quicker and more comfortable to use.
px3 blade


The McCulloch PX3 Blade has an aggressive design which ensures precision – it has been developed to tackle tough conditions.

lawn mower engine


The McCulloch engine is designed for power and performance, whilst Briggs & Stratton/Honda for innovation and power.

variable speed control


Flexispeed allows stepless speed adjustment by using either left or right hand – this ensure comfortable operation.

rear-discharge system


A unique chute specially designed to give outstanding side discharge performance, it allows for great manoeuvrability.

4x4 lawnmower


With four-wheel drive the mower easily manages slopes and provides excellent traction on almost any ground.

instart lawnmower


The most convenient way of starting your lawnmower. Just push the start button to start your mower.


With accessories you can use your McCulloch products to get more things done. And with our protective equipment, you’ll look great doing them.