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Ideal for gardens up to 1000m2, the ROB R1000 is a fully automatic robotic lawnmower. Simple to install and program, ROB will automatically navigate the garden mulching the grass into fine clippings that fertilise the lawn, meaning there is no grass box to empty. When the battery is low, ROB intelligently finds its way back to the docking station to recharge. Packed with 200m of boundary wire, 400 staples, and all the necessary connectors for a quick and easy installation.
Especificaciones del producto


How It Works

A 60 second video to show you how the McCulloch robotic lawn mower works.

Rob Packaging Feature 2

Rob knows who's boss

Tell Rob when to mow, day or night, rain or shine, up to 24/7 and he never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge.

Rob Packaging Feature 1

Rob's Hard Working

Rob automatically mows a lawn up to 1,000m2 so you don't have to. Let Rob do the job.

Rob Packaging Feature 3

Rob's green fingered

Rob cuts the grass into small clippings naturally feeding the lawn as he goes, making it stronger and healthier.

ROB S Feature - Guide Wire Technology

Guide Wire Technology

Improves navigation in complex gardens for a more even finish, and intelligently helps Rob to find his way home without leaving unwanted tracks.


Cutting Systems

Ancho de corte
17 cm
Sistema de corte
3 pivoting razor blades


Dimensiones (LxAnxAl) Length
59 cm
Dimensiones (LxAnxAl) Width
44 cm
Dimensiones (LxAnxAl) Height
26 cm

Power and Charging

Capacidad de la batería
2.1 Ah
Tiempo de carga normal
50 min
Tiempo de corte en una sola carga
65 min


Capacidad de superficie de trabajo
1000 m²
Sistema de carga
Máxima pendiente dentro del área de trabajo
25 %

Safety and Security Features

Código PIN
Instalación de bloqueo

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