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Oxypower: Less emission, less fuel and more power

New emission laws are affecting a lot of handheld, power driven products. All brands are now facing the challenge of developing products that meet the restrictions. Only a handful have yet succeeded – and McCulloch is one of them.
oxypower technology

Oxypower: Less emission, less fuel and more power

Our solution is called OxyPower - a technology that not only offers greatly lowered emission levels, but also reduces the fuel consumption and gives you more power. With McCulloch’s OxyPower, you can efficiently shape your piece of nature without hurting it.

OxyPower lowers exhaust emissions by up to 60 %

In a conventional two-stroke engine, the fuel and air mixture necessary for combustion emits a lot of unburned fuel when brought into the cylinder. The unburned fuel reaches the atmosphere as harmful exhaust emissions.

In an OxyPower engine from McCulloch, a second stream of clean, unmixed air first enters the cylinder. Instead of unburned fuel, clean air is what then escapes into the atmosphere, pushing exhaust emissions out with it. The emission levels are thereby reduced by up to 60 %.

OxyPower reduces your fuel consumption by up to 20%

A better environment is of course a great benefit of the OxyPower technology – and, along with that, there’s also a little money to save. As noted above, a considerable amount of fuel is emitted unburned when using a conventional two-stroke engine. As OxyPower prevents this, it’s possible to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 20 %.

In addition to that, you won’t have to buy any special oil to reduce carbon build-up, as the technology takes care of this problem too.


OxyPower gives you more power when needed

The lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption offered by OxyPower create a better working environment and make your wallet happier at the same time. And there’s also a third benefit:
Even at low rpms, OxyPower provides high torque in the cut. This means that you get more usable power on demand. Like all McCulloch innovations, OxyPower is developed to give you the power to get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.

The OxyPower technology is featured on new McCulloch chainsaws and trimmers.