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OLO020 - Brandstofkan 5 L

Part number: 577616420
Quality can used to store 5 litres of fuel. Directional nozzle makes it easy to refuel without spillage.

Compatible with

This products works in conjunction with the below products.

CS 410 Elite
CS 410/450
Cilinder inhoud 40.9 cm³
Zaagblad lengte 15 inch
Gewicht (excl. Snoei-uitrusting) 4.7 kg
CS 450 Elite
CS 450 Elite
Cilinder inhoud 45.7 cm³
Zaagblad lengte 18 inch
Gewicht (excl. Snoei-uitrusting) 5.3 kg
CS 42S
Cilinder inhoud 42 cm³
Zaagblad lengte 14 inch
Gewicht (excl. Snoei-uitrusting) 5.2 kg