OLO012 - Combi Kan 6 l/2.5l

Part number: 577616412
Convenient can that can store 6 litres of fuel and 2.5 litres of chain oil. Automatic shut off nozzle prevents spillage during refuelling (Not suitable for the UK market).

Compatible with

This products works in conjunction with the below products.

CS 410 Elite
CS 410/450
Cilinder inhoud 40.9 см³
Staaflengte 15"
Gewicht (excl. Snoei-uitrusting) 4.7 kg
CS 450 Elite
CS 450 Elite
Cilinder inhoud 45.7 см³
Staaflengte 18"
Gewicht (excl. Snoei-uitrusting) 5.3 kg
CS 42S
Cilinder inhoud 42 см³
Staaflengte 14"
Gewicht (excl. Snoei-uitrusting) 5.2 kg