Inline 2200T

Part number: 966793701
A well-equipped electric chainsaw with good performance. 2200 W motor and tool-less chain tensioning.
Product specification


Tool-less chain tensioner

Napenjanje verige brez orodja

Hitro in enostavno napenjanje verige ali menjave meča brez uporabe orodja.

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Visoka hitrost verige

Visoka hitrost verige za hitro in gladko rezanje

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Ergonomic soft handles

Ergonomic soft handles for felling and vertical cutting

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Overload Protection

Automatically shuts down motor under excessive load to prevent damage to the product

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Low kickback chain

Low kickback chain with long-life chrome cutter teeth.

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Chain brake

Refers to either manual or inertia activated chain brake.

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Chain Lubrication Pump

Automatic chain lubrication pump

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Cable clip

Reliefs strain on the cable & holds the cable in place.


Cutting Equipment

Dolžina meča
Hitrost verige pri maks. moči
15 m/s
Tip oljne črpalke
Prostornina rezervoarja olja
0.115 l


230 V


Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Height
22 cm
Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Length
88 cm
Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Width
17 cm
Teža (brez rezalne garniture)
4.5 kg

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