Part number: 966778701
Ideal for demanding tasks the B40 B Elite is a 40cc petrol powered brushcutter that has an power output of 1.5kW. The B40 B Elite has a P35 Tap ‘n Go trimmer head with a cutting width of 52cm. It also comes with a Grass 255-3 grass blade. Weighing only 7.3kg this petrol brushcutter also features Oxy Power, auto return stop switch, combi guard, padded double harness, tool-less air filter cover, adjustable handle and full anti-vibration system.
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Product specification


B40 B Elite Oxypower


With OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power to shape nature - without hurting it. This innovative technology from McCulloch provides not only more power, but reduces your fuel consuimption by 20% while emitting 70% less emissions.

Soft start B40

Soft Start

Makes it easier to start your McCulloch product by reducing the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%

Anti-vibration system


Full anti-vibration system for user comfort during prolonged use

Tap 'n Go

Tap 'n Go™ Trimmer Head

Allows fast and precise cord feeding. Tap the trimmer head against the ground while it's spinning, and it will automatically feed the line.

4 teeth grass blade

Brushcutter Blade

Tougher jobs demand more capable cutting equipment and thats why this product is supplied with a brushcutter blade

Combi Guard

Combination Guard

Combi guard to be used with both blade and trimmer head.

Adjustable handle

Adjustable Handle

Height adjustable handle allows you to find the ideal ergonomic position.

Tool-less air filter cover

Tool-less Air Filter Cover

Remove the air filter cover without the use of any tools.

Padded double harness

Padded Double Harness



Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Height
45 cm
Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Length
182 cm
Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Width
72 cm
Teža (brez rezalne garniture)
7.3 kg


Prostornina valja
40 cm³
Prostornina rezervoarja za gorivo
1 l

Rezalna oprema

Standardna kosilna glava
P35 tap n' go
Nož za travo
Grass 255-3
Oprtnik Standard

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