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McCulloch ROB S400

Part number: 967798025
Ideal for gardens up to 400m2, the ROB S series are our most advanced robotic mowers yet. Easier to install & program, thanks to its flexible charge station positioning, simple set up wizard & intuitive keypad. ROB will automatically navigate the garden mulching the grass into fine clippings that fertilise the lawn, meaning there is no grass box to empty. When the battery is low, ROB intelligently finds its way back to the docking station to recharge. Bluetooth connectivity with a dedicated smartphone app, make it even easier to control the mowers functions & to trouble problems. Also features time saving, preset cutting functions & schedules. Supplied with 150m of boundary wire, 200 staples and all the necessary connectors for quick and easy installation.
Product specification
  • Delovno območje: 400 m² ±20 %
  • Višina reza, najmanj–največ: 20-50 mm
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ROB S Feature - Lawn Shield

Lawn Shield

Intelligent adaptive cutting system which automatically changes mowing schedule based on lawn growth. Preventing wear on the lawn.

ROB S Feature - Flexible Charging Station Position

Flexible Charging Station Position

Gives you the freedom to position the charging station almost anywhere you like around the edge of the lawn.

ROB S Feature - Guide Wire Technology

Guide Wire Technology

Improves navigation in complex gardens for a more even finish, and intelligently helps Rob to find his way home without leaving unwanted tracks.

ROB S Feature - Simple Set-Up Wizard

Simple Set-up Wizard

Installation made easy thanks to Rob's simple set-up wizard, quickly guiding you through initial installation step by step.

ROB S Feature - Quick Keypad Navigation

Quick Keypad Navigation

Intuituve keypad controls give immediate access to functions such as Eturn Home, Cutting Schedule and Special Mowing Programs.

ROB S Feature - Lifestyle Cutting Programs

Lifestyle Cutting Programs

Easily change between Day or Night cutting modes designed to fit around your lifestyle, or use special functions such as Spot-Cut, Power Cut and Secondary Area programs to help ensure a perfect lawn.

ROB App - Apple

Dedicated Rob App


Cutting Systems

Širina košnje
16 cm
Sistem košnje
3 pivoting razor blades


Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Length
55 cm
Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Width
38 cm
Proizvod velikost, d x š x v Height
23 cm

Power and Charging

Moč akumulatorja
2.0 Ah
Tipičen čas polnjenja
60 min
Povprečen čas košnje ob enem polnjenju
65 min


400 m²
Polnilni sistem
Maksimalen naklon v delovnem območju
35 %

Safety and Security Features

PIN koda